Upgrading to emacs 24.1 from emacs 23.2 on Mac OS X Lion

Today i decided to be BOLD and upgrade to emacs 24.

I’m hoping that emacs 24′s package manager will help us stay up-to-date on our submodes and cut-down on emacs upkeep and maintenance in general.  I’m going to document the steps i take here.

1. brew unlink emacs
2. brew install emacs

Thats it!  So far.

To get a list of packages we can do

M-x package-list-packages

This brings up a list of available (and installed) packages. Apparently this isn’t a complete list.  If you select a package you can install it from within emacs.  Lets see, there is coffee-mode, i’ll install it.

This installed it to


Huh, i wonder if this will interfere with our dotfiles.  Er rather, i wonder how to integrate emacs 24 into our dotfiles.

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